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Human Performance Health Clinic

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8 x Public Choice Award-Winning Squamish Chiropractor and Massage Therapy Services

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We believe in optimal Human Performance
With the level of stress that humans are encountering in their daily lives, we believe that the human body is being exposed to an immense amount of physical, chemical and emotional stress. When we unravel or UNWIND the human ecosystem to investigate and research the root causes of dysfunction, the human body can repair and regain balance or homeostasis for optimal performance.

The human body ecosystem can become out of balance from an excess of physical damage, chemical imbalance and toxicity, along with built up emotional unprocessed stress.  We believe that when humans are educated on how the body works and the variety of options that can be utilized to recover the human body ecosystem, they become better consumers making more efficient choices to improve effectiveness while making it affordable. We offer services like care from a Chiropractor nearby you in Squamish.  Our very popular massage therapy, RMT, services are nearby the Squamish downtown core too. Book online now for all our health practitioners!  

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Where collaboration of wealth of knowledge and immense clinical experience meet.
We have experienced that the collaboration of different modalities together can have a greater effect for the desired clinical outcome.  Immense clinical experience also makes a large impact on the desired outcome as each human being is different and cannot be treated the same. We offer a patient lead boutique experience catered to the individuals needs and desired outcomes.


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Unwind Human Performance Health Clinic


38142- 205 Cleveland Ave, Squamish BC
604 567 1232


Open: Tuesday-Friday 9-7 pm